About Me

I came to yoga while working in a stressful City job. Yoga helped me relax and work through computer related back problems. Later I started to experience yoga as a way of clearing the bodymind of the debris of life. Yoga is great for physical well-being as well as anxiety, stress management, depression, decision making and creative blocks.

My teaching style is relaxed. I encourage students to develop their own relationship with yoga rather than present them with a formula they are required to copy. The emphasis of my classes is on the body/mind connection rather than flexibility, because flexibility is a side effect of yoga rather than its main objective.

The approach I practice and teach is an East/West fusion.  Some milestones from my journey:

2003Trip to India during which I studied Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with Acharye Hema
2004Integrative Yoga Therapy
Teacher training course
First of many courses I took with IYT over the years.
2005 - 9MSc Therapeutic Counselling
2008 - 2016Coping with Cancer Stress, Course Leader
Taught for Paul's Cancer Support Centre, London.
2008 - ongoingExploration of Buddhist Western Insight Meditation
2012 - 2014Sadhana Mala
Yoga teacher training course



"I just wanted to say thanks for the lovely yoga day last weekend. I really enjoyed it, and the lunch was absolutely delicious. I feel like it's given me more to think about in my own practice, which is exactly what I was hoping for."

Student, City Day Retreat

”I have been practicing Yoga for many years, I also meditate regularly. Ella is by far the best teacher I have worked with and the only one to so seamlessly connect Yoga and Meditation, creating the most perfect sessions which leave you totally relaxed and blissful! I attended my first Yoga retreat with Ella recently and was overwhelmed by the whole experience. Ella's warm and calming nature combined with the relaxing postures, amazingly delicious food and the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with other like minded people made for the perfect day!"

Student, City Day Retreat

”I have been on two retreat days and very much hope to do more. It doesn't really matter if you lose yourself ... you don't have to be clever or good or gorgeous. All you really need is the time for time's own sake and yourself for your-self's sake. We did yoga practice, looked at three curious poems, talked, ate, and meditated - I slipped into a peaceful trance. I very much like this type of day-long activity!

Student, City Day Retreat

”I have never done yoga before and was quite dubious at first. The first session with Ella was so relaxed and calming. I enjoyed every minute of it. She has a great personality and made all of us feel capable even when it came to the most difficult of positions. I felt so awake and ready for the next day after the classes. Ella explained the positions and what they do for you so clearly that I can do them at home!

Student, YogaForWellBeing@Work

Ella has run several yoga sessions at the Crossroads Caring Cafe; she teaches yoga to carers and the older people they care for, everyone at the Cafe looks forward to the yoga sessions. Ella has a calm and cheerful manner and has the ability to adapt the sessions to take into account people's physical abilities and limitations. We hope to continue our working relationship with Ella and to include yoga as part of our activity programme in the foreseeable future.

Crossroads Greenwich & Lewisham Ltd

Ella has proved herself a reliable, committed teacher with an approachable manner with students. She attended a six week course on Cancer and complementary care offered by the centre, showing her commitment to continuous professional development. She adapted her class to the individuals attending and was careful to consult with staff at the centre with clients' needs.

The Cancer Resource Centre, Clapham Junction

Ella has worked at our Centre as Yoga tutor and I have personal experience of learning yoga from her. She is a very calm person who listens carefully to each learners physical health and conditions. Her gentle voice relaxes learners and she has good rapport with all women. Her ability to plan exercises to suit every age, ability and physical condition was perfect for us.

West Hampstead Women's Centre

“Ella opened up a whole new wonderful world for me.”

Student, Brockley.

”Ella offered me a wonderful space, which allowed me, in a very significant way, to get back in touch with myself through my body - an enormous gift.”

Student, Brockley

”I had wanted to try Yoga for some time but my preconceptions had stopped me – I worried that classes would focus on physical perfection and extremes or would be based on a kind of spiritualism that would leave me feeling awkward.
Ella's positive, gentle, erudite and insightful teaching has not only proven this to not be the case but has given me the possibility of something more than I had hoped for – a way to make sense of the world where all the answers come naturally and from within. Talk about empowering!”

Student, Brockley

“Ella has a lovely personality and she is patient and explains things well. After her classes I feel so much better.”

Student, Yoga For People Living With Cancer, The Cancer Resource Centre, Clapham